You have been contacted by us?

If you have been contacted by us, it is a result of case specific research. We are contacting you to alert you, (as the owner/heir) of action you need to take regarding an asset that is lost, unclaimed or disconnected from you.

If you are the person or heir we seek, you understandably may be puzzled by the term 'lost' but this is a term used by corporations who have lost contact with an owner/heir. You personally are not lost but when it comes to an asset/account that is understood by the holder to be disconnected from you for whatever reason, it is categorized as lost (see Why Accounts Are Lost).

We understand that you must be careful, especially given the fraudulent 'Nigerian' scams most people have heard of and the skepticism we share as a result of solicitation calls hawking various services. We further understand our work is very unusual. However, we assure you our work is legitimate and personalized, i.e. we are contacting you as a result of case specific research, where if you are the owner or heir we seek, it is in your interests and ultimately to your benefit that we are doing so.

Previous clients have told us of their disbelief, concern, and apprehension when we first contacted them and have said positively upon receiving the financial rewards from our work, "this is something you hear about that only happens to other people." We understand and appreciate your/their cautionary initial reaction it is only natural, but had our previous clients not replied to our communication efforts to reach out and reconnect with them, they likely would not have received, or reconnected with the unclaimed property we were contacting them about. Please take the time to review some of the testimonials from our clients (owners, heirs, corporations and law firms, etc.), which result from the successful, customized and beneficial work we completed on their behalves.

Why you should reply to us

  1. Our work is legitimate and in your/owner/heirs' interests and benefit.
  2. You will never be asked for any monies up front so there is no risk.
  3. We can explain the process of how we came to locate and contact you.
  4. We would not have expended the time, cost and effort to contact you were this not legitimate.
  5. Per our testimonials we have a successful and positive track record of helping owners and heirs worldwide, who are grateful for our work.
  6. You have nothing to lose and potentially something to gain in contacting us.
  7. We provide you with our own valid contact information.

We have made the effort to reach out to you and our work cannot be completed without your cooperation. In the event we are alerting you to something you believe you already know about kindly allow us to confirm the information as there could be more than one account/asset that needs your action. Again there is no obligation to use our service.

At Global Shareholder Services® our goal is a successful recovery for you. Whether you use our services or not, it is important that you act after all this is YOUR asset(s).

Should you require our assistance we would be pleased to discuss your case further and mutually agree how to proceed and under what terms. We work the old fashioned way 'we earn our fee'.

Have you been contacted by another company?

If another company has contacted you regarding unclaimed assets, and you feel unhappy or apprehensive with their approach or their fee is too high, you may wish to contact us for information or assistance.

Our hands on personalized service, combined with our proprietary experience and cost effectiveness make us the best choice for you. We offer lower more competitive fees.

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