Why accounts are lost

There are many reasons why accounts/assets become lost or dormant.

  • People move and don't update their new address
  • Address forwarding services by the postal services are shorter
  • Shareholders/owners marry, die and/or are no longer minors which requires a change in registration
  • Heirs are unaware of unclaimed assets
  • Corporations merge changing names and addresses
  • Assets escheat to various government agencies
  • Statements get lost and unfamiliarity with replacement processes
  • Corporations go out of business
  • An owner may believe their account is up to date when in fact action is required as the account is categorized as 'lost'.

Our society is truly global. People move many times during their lifetime often internationally, so marriages, divorces, and deaths can occur anywhere in the world. Add to this the seemingly constant changing international corporate landscape through domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions and the result is that more and more accounts and shareholders are becoming disconnected with one another. Such accounts often require the specialized services and proprietary international experience and expertise of Global Shareholder Services®.

We can undertake and complete the necessary extraordinary efforts required to successfully resolve these types of cases. It is in the interests of both the individuals we seek and the holders of the unclaimed accounts, that they be reconnected with one another.

As our past clients and testimonials attest, Global Shareholder Services® is your expert in Reconnecting, Respecting, and Protecting global shareholders.

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