The Foreign Unclaimed Property Experts™

Global Shareholder Services® locates missing foreign owners/heirs and establishes them as the rightful legal claimants of unclaimed assets worldwide.

Our experience and expertise gained over 40 years of successful service establishes us as The Foreign Unclaimed Property Experts™.


We offer a unique and expert lost owner/heir location and foreign unclaimed property recovery service to our clients globally.  Our niche, customized service to both individuals and corporations helps our clients mitigate risks associated with unclaimed asset recovery and owner reunification.

As an American company, we understand the needs and challenges our corporate clients face.  We also understand the unique needs of foreign owners and heirs.  Our forty plus years of experience allows us to successfully resolve the disparities between US claim requirements and foreign claimant/estate documentation.  We also are able to navigate even the most complicated international cases involving multiple estates and spanning many different countries.  Global Shareholder Services® prides itself on its unrivaled results, having never processed a single fraudulent claim.

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Countries Reached Worldwide

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We offer global capabilities.

We locate, communicate, and identify deceased owners. We locate and establish heirs, ensure corporate messages are received and/or foreign unclaimed property claims are completed for our clients.

We have successfully located owners and heirs in over 60 countries in the last 18 months alone.

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