Frequently Asked Questions

Global Shareholder Services® is a US corporation registered in the State of Florida since 1996. We have been in business for over 40 years, having first been founded in the United Kingdom. We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.


If you have been contacted by Global Shareholder Services®, then you can be assured the matter is legitimate and that we have identified an unclaimed asset that we can help you to recover. Failure to act can result in the property escheating to a state government. You have nothing to lose in replying to us and you are not obligated to use our service.

Have We Contacted You?

If we have contacted you, it is because we have identified an unclaimed asset that we believe belongs to you. We are contacting you to alert you, as the the owner/heir, that this property exists and of the action you need to take in order to recover this asset. Failure to act can result in the asset being escheated (reported as abandoned to a state government).


Our work is often time-sensitive, so your prompt reply is very important. You are not obligated to use our services if you reply. Kindly give us five minutes of your time to explain why we are contacting you and to allow us to provide you with important information that will allow you to make a more informed decision about your asset.

Why You Should Reply to Us

  1. Our work is legitimate and in your interest.
  2. You will never be asked to pay any money up front.
  3. We can explain the process of how we came to locate and contact you, including the name of your deceased relative (if applicable), the type of asset and why we believe you are  the owner or the heir.
  4. We would not have expended the time, cost and effort to contact you if we didn’t believe there is an asset that you are entitled to recover.
  5. Our testimonials show our positive track record of helping grateful owners and heirs worldwide.
  6. You have nothing to lose and there is no risk in using our services.
  7. You are not obligated to use our services if you contact us.

Why Do Accounts Become Categorized as ‘Lost’, ‘Unclaimed’, or ‘Abandoned’?

Corporate landscapes are forever changing. Mergers and acquisitions (many cross-border) mean companies that hold assets change names, addresses, stocks split, and some corporations may cease operations. This can result in assets becoming disconnected from their owner/heirs. The businesses that hold these unclaimed assets must comply with applicable SEC Regulations and Unclaimed Property Laws. When they are unable to reconnect the owner/heir with their asset, they eventually turn over your lost/unclaimed/abandoned account(s) to a government agency. This process is known as escheat. If these businesses fail to comply with these laws and regulations, they can face audits penalties and/or fines.

Why is Global Shareholder Services® Contacting Us?

Many businesses who hold these unclaimed assets would prefer to reunite the asset with its owner/heir. They value you as an account owner and/or plan participant. The work to locate owners and heirs around the world is unusual and specialized work. Businesses who hold these unclaimed assets are understandably not equipped for this unique and challenging foreign work. Accordingly, our expertise is sought to assist them in reuniting these assets with you.

What Should You Do Now?

We have identified an asset you may be entitled to, but our work cannot be completed without your cooperation. At Global Shareholder Services® our goal is to successfully reunite you with your unclaimed asset. Whether you use our services or not, it is important that you act to avoid escheat. Should you require our assistance, we would be pleased to discuss your case further. We work the old-fashioned way; we earn our fee.