Owner & Heir Location Services

As a foreign owner or heir we understand the complexities and frustrations you face trying to locate and/or recover your asset(s) or reconnect with your account(s) that are held in another country.

You are faced with communication issues, unfamiliar documentation (not in your native language) and requirements that often as a foreign owner, are a struggle to understand and comply with. It is impossible for corporations to address the needs of every foreign owner, as each claim has a unique set of circumstances and criteria. Global Shareholder Services® can help. We understand the problems you face. Our experience, expertise and proprietary knowledge can assist you in resolving problems and dead ends, making the reconnection and recovery processes as efficient as possible by avoiding unnecessary errors or delays. Our work is undertaken with no risk to you.

Global Shareholder Services® has proven time and again to be the best and most cost effective option for owners and heirs in need of assistance to recover assets. Our experience in resolving these more complicated international claims and our high level of personalized customer service are second to none. Our hands-on customized service means we deal with each case on its own merits and work with you to succeed on your behalf.


It is an established fact that as an account owner, you are one of several hundred thousand owners that holders must deal with daily. Our previous individual clients have benefited from working with us on their cases. Likewise we can resolve YOUR case so you can recover YOUR asset successfully.


We work by way of a contingency fee, and at no time will you be asked to pay any money up front. Any fee will be mutually agreed upon prior to our work commencing, so you will know the final cost of our services immediately. With a continency fee, our fee will be due only when we have successfully resolved the case for you. Our contigency fee is paid from the money we will have already recovered for you so you will never be out of pocket. If we can be of service, you require assistance or have any questions please contact us today. The sooner you contact us the better it will be for the claim process as delays can cause complications and longer recovery periods.


Have you been contacted by us?

If you have received a letter, a telephone call or an email from us it is based on case specific research and time invested to locate and contact you. We work for many different types of corporate clients and in every case we have important information to explain to you that is always to your benefit. Many cases are time sensitive and your action is needed urgently. Lack of action can cause complications in the future and your account may escheat to a third party government agency. There is no obligation to use our services and no cost for talking to us. Kindly allow us a few minutes of your time to explain why we or our client are trying to contact you.


It’s your unclaimed account, we just want to help you recover it!