About Us

Global Shareholder Services® helps corporations, law firms, insurance companies, plan sponsors, financial institutions, brokerages and lost owners/heirs reconnect with one another.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the business of locating missing owners/heirs, establishing entitlement to unclaimed asset(s),  and reactivating/recovering unclaimed accounts worldwide.


Our work yields a win-win situation. Owners/heirs and corporations alike benefit from our services.

Owners and heirs benefit in taking ownership of their account(s) and receiving previously unclaimed asset(s). Corporations benefit by lowering administrative costs, and reducing the risk of fraud and liabilities inherent with accounts that remain unclaimed and disconnected from their rightful legal owners.

Global Shareholder Services® can reconnect you with and protect your lost owners and their account(s). Our service is based on respect for both the holder and individual owner. We are The Foreign Unclaimed Property Experts providing a unique global lost owner location service.

Our experience, expertise and proprietary knowledge allow us to successfully locate missing owners and heirs and resolve international claims more efficiently and cost effectively than any other company.


We have a proven track record of success and many testimonials from both corporate and individual clients thanking us for our excellent work, which is delivered with the highest level of customer service.


Whether you are an owner trying to reconnect or recover an unclaimed asset, or a corporation seeking to locate lost owners, please contact us today. There is no obligation to use our services and no risk should you decide to proceed and use our expert service to your benefit.