Global Shareholder Services® are The Foreign Unclaimed Property Experts™ with over 40 years success in reuniting lost owners and heirs to unclaimed assets worldwide.

We work on behalf of corporate clients such as: Fortune 500 corporations, transfer agents, law firms, trustees, liquidators, courts, shareholder and unclaimed property service companies, plan fiduciaries and sponsors, etc.


Our PILLARS™ program (Pre-escheat International Lost owner Location & Asset Reunification Service™) helps corporate clients reunite with their lost account owners and heirs. We locate living owners, identify deceased owners and locate and work to legally establish their heir(s) rights to all or part of the unclaimed asset(s). We apply appropriate expert foreign due diligence efforts, ensure key corporate messages are effectively delivered to the foreign owners, and support the reunification process. Our PILLARS™ program reduces the risks, costs and liabilities corporate holders face from escheat reporting, third party auditors, and processing claims.


We also work for individuals who are either unaware of their unclaimed asset(s), or they are aware but unable to locate and/or comply with the challenging claim requirements.


Our services are provided risk free and there is no obligation to use our services. You have unclaimed property to reunite with and in all cases we help beat escheat™. No good comes from escheating unclaimed property, reunification is the best option for all concerned.

No recovery means no fee is due. Allow us to explain our service and how our no risk service can benefit you.

Owners & Heirs

Our experience, expertise and proprietary knowledge can assist you in resolving problems and avoid dead ends. We make the asset recovery process as easy and efficient as possible, aid compliance with claim requirements which in some cases can be unreasonable and seemingly impossible to comply with and help avoid unnecessary errors or delays.


Despite completing mandated database searches and mailings to the last known address of record (in accordance with applicable US laws and regulations), we know from experience accounts will remain unclaimed, especially those with foreign owners and addresses.





We can successfully identify, locate and establish each family member from the common ancestor forward in both maternal and paternal family trees. This forensic genealogy often spans over 160+ years and covers numerous aunts, uncles and first cousins. Our founder is a court recognized expert witness who has successfully testified in several kinship cases for our clients.

Estate Due Diligence

Our affidavit is supported by our report and the documents we have obtained are then submitted to the attorney working for the estate, the estate representative and the court.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you are the person or heir we seek, you understandably may be very puzzled by the term ‘lost,’ but this is a term used by corporations who have lost contact with an owner or heir.