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We appreciate lost shareholders, owners, and/or heirs are a burden: publicly traded corporations, insurance companies, brokerages, mutual funds, shareholder service providers, etc., must bear and deal with, they are simply part of doing business.

Despite completing the two mandated database searches (in accordance with US SEC rule 17Ad-17), as well as any additional in-house efforts you may have in place, we know from experience accounts will remain lost. These accounts represent escheat obligations, liabilities and reputational risk as well as, a loss of potential revenue and the burden of unnecessary costs.

If you have previously or should be escheating accounts in the future, you have options. Instead of losing these accounts to escheat you have nothing to lose, to the contrary you have shareholder accounts to retain, and liabilities and costs to reduce in having us make an effort to resolve them with and for you.

At the core of our services is our understanding of the need to treat your shareholders as you yourselves would and how we as individuals would want to be treated. At Global Shareholders®, we see our role as ambassadorial helping you, Reconnect and communicate with your lost shareholders, always with Respect, in order to Protect both you the Holder and your shareholders to reduce escheat, risks and costs for you ... Perfect!

Accounts with deceased owners, bad, outdated or incomplete addresses, and/or international owners are some examples of the types of cases we continue to resolve worldwide. Our work is a win-win for you and your client. As our testimonials and client feedback reflect time and again, Global Shareholder Services® is the leading global shareholder reconnection service provider.

We provide a niche service to corporations who perhaps do not wish to open full access to a third party corporation or, who seek assistance on a special assignment(s) of accounts that remain unresolved. We provide a customized service tailored to enhance efforts you may already have in place which fit your team and your shareholders specific needs. Confidentiality and control over your shareholder accounts remain with you in-house, as we usually work only from a name and last known address (public information).

Reasons accounts remain stubbornly unresolved for you

As our society has become truly global, shareholders move, marry, divorce and die worldwide. Postal forwarding services are shorter and add to the mix, foreign names and addresses, language and cultural barriers, the lack of Freedom of Information Acts in most countries, and the task you face in locating, and communicating with lost owners/heirs to have them achieve a desired corporate action(s) is a daunting one. An individualized and customized case specific research effort is often required and that is what we at Global Shareholder Services® specialize in worldwide. These types of accounts are more problematic and cost prohibitive for you to resolve yourselves. Despite this, the costs, liabilities and risks they represent remain a burden to you the Holder as long as these accounts remain 'lost' or 'missing'. In using Global Shareholder Services® services, you retain control over all aspects of the work regarding your lost and/or missing international shareholders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are another very real cause of shareholders and accounts becoming disconnected. Statistics show that approximately, 40-50% of shareholders exchange their shares very quickly and a significant percentage will follow shortly thereafter in the short to medium term. However, a significant 10-20% of the original shareholder base will remain unexhanged in the long term.

Global Shareholder Services® has proven to be successful in targeting and resolving these problematic 10-20% of shareholder accounts that remain lost or missing. We can communicate and work to help you have the required and desired corporate action achieved if you wish. Oftentimes you face tight timeframes to work within and we can help you meet those deadlines.


It is well documented that unclaimed property is a significant source of revenue for US State governments. Any Holder of unclaimed accounts faces a very real risk of audits and potential fines and penalties for incorrectly or unreported unclaimed shareholder accounts. There have been many reports and newspaper articles attesting to the increasing aggressiveness of US States in their pursuit of unclaimed property.

In using our services, you will:

  • Retain more shareholder accounts, thereby
  • Reducing the number of accounts to be escheated.
  • Reducing risk, liabilities and costs.
  • Promoting your corporate reputation.
  • Improving your shareholder communication where currently 'silence' persists.
  • Decreasing your reputational risk, in an arena where shareholder activism is increasing for publically traded corporations.

We have and continue to work with corporations, law firms, etc., to reunite holders with their lost account owners/heirs. The bottom line is we recognize that these are YOUR shareholder accounts, and you have both a corporate, regulatory and moral responsibility to Reconnect, Respect, Protect your lost shareholders and their accounts. Our work benefits you and your shareholders alike. We believe and trust you agree, your shareholders would prefer to hear directly from you than find their money is now held by a previously unknown entity, e.g. a US state unclaimed property office, as will be the case for those owners/heirs whose accounts remain unresolved and disconnected from you.

Global Shareholder Services® is the Perfect solution to your lost shareholder account issues.

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